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Illinois Election Code states that 29 days after the Primary Election, each of the 102 Illinois counties shall hold their county party conventions, which falls on April 15th this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor has prohibited gatherings of over 10 people. To fulfill the electoral requirement for county party conventions and stay socially distanced, this year’s Will County Republican Central Committee Convention will be held virtually via Zoom starting at 7pm. We encourage all committeepersons to officially be logged-in 15 minutes prior to the start of our convention.

In the coming days, you'll receive a letter in the mail that provides you with the link to register for our Virtual Convention (or you can do so here at The letter will also include your personal log-in information for our secure voting system which is why it is important to keep the letter when you receive it. If you cannot attend, you must nominate an individual within your township to proxy vote on your behalf by April 14th at 7pm. A proxy vote form will be enclosed in the envelope along with the letter.

Ahead of our Virtual Convention, you will receive more detailed instructions including how to join our Virtual Convention video conference, how it will operate, and information on how to securely vote. In the meantime, to participate in the convention, you will need high-speed internet, and either a smartphone or computer; we recommend the use of a computer since our convention will use live video conferencing and a secure voting platform.

This plan will allow us to continue to follow the Will County Republican bylaws and hold our convention within the rules of the Illinois Election Code. This is uncharted territory not only for us, but every county Republican Party in the state so we have diligently worked to ensure we can still have a successful Will County Republican Central Committee Convention!

The process of our Virtual Convention will be the same as if we held it in person. During our convention, we will still have:

  • Roll Call

  • Nomination and Election of Moderator

  • Nominating of Chairman; Chairman Candidate Speeches and Voting

  • Nomination and Voting for Secretary

  • Ballot Collection and Counting

  • Chairman and Secretary Announcement

  • Final Statement by Elected Chairman

  • State Convention Delegate Selection and Vote to Approve

  • Adjournment

Until our Virtual Convention and during our stay-at-home order, please stay safe. Stay at home, unless you must get food, medicine or other household necessities. I know these are challenging times for everyone, but together we will get through this!

If you have any questions, need assistance registering, or would like to discuss further, you can reach me directly by replying to this email or at 708-541-9866.

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